Unacceptable items

Dear customer, applies for this Service as it applies to other Incoming shipments to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,It must take into Account what is being confiscated by the rules and regulations,Note that there are some goods require customs duties by customs regulations in Saudi Arabia, as you can see these regulations through their site on the World Wide Web on the link


Will be dealt with commercial quantities by the relevant authorities systems and it must ensure that the quantities that are purchased on the level of personal purchases So as not to be handled within the purchases of commercial entities and thus be charged different customs

Unacceptable material
  1. Weapons of all kinds
  2. Ammunition of all types of finished or raw Materials
  3. Fireworks in all its forms
  4. Materials that can be used as weapons
  5. All types of Drugs
  6. Alcoholic beverages of all kinds
  7. Chemicals
  8. Petroleum products
  9. Food
  10. Live Animals or stuffed
  11. Medical Medicines
  12. Materials unethical (sexual or non-sexual)
  13. Gaseous Materials
  14. Plants
  15. Perishable Materials rapid
  16. Tobacco and ready-made ​​Cigarettes Materials or raw Materials
  17. Liquid substances that may pose a threat
  18. All kinds of precious Materials such as precious metal alloy or Jewels and precious stones
  19. Money modern or Ancient Coins
  20. What affects public security or public health or morals
  21. What prohibits entry or traded In the Supplier Country
  22. Explosive Materials, Flammable or Radioactive or Perishable or Bad Odors
  23. Materials that are likely to result in harm to the workers in the transport Company, or is likely to result in pollution or damage to shipments or equipment
  24. Animals and insects living or dead, unless they are exchanged between the official entities in the country of the supplier and official scientific entities in the Kingdom
  25. Banknotes and coins, precious metals and gemstones
  26. Is incompatible with the principles of the Islamic religion